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Make Your Health a Priority!

Patient Testimonials

Meet Jeremy, a high level entrepreneur

Health and performance to the next level!

❝I would absolutely recommend care with Dr. Kimbley and the Nexus Family if you are at all interested in taking your health and performance to the next level. Dr. Daniel and his wife Heather always treated me with respect, kindness and my health a #1 priority. I look forward to my next visit soon.

Dan T.

I knew we were in great hands

❝My sweet one-and-a-half year-old and I were so very blessed to see Dr. Daniel. He is such a wonderful chiropractor. My daughter loved his adjustment so much she would climb up on the adjusting table and wait for him to adjust her, or she would take him by the finger to the table. What a wonderful, caring doctor he is. From the moment I met Dr. Daniel, I knew we were in great hands.

Lori H.

Better mood and mental health!

❝I was diagnosed with renal cell carcinoma in January 2017, while taking my weekly treatment I was referred to Dr. Kimbley. He helped me control pain, headaches but most importantly, he helped me a lot emotionally. I learned as anyone with chronic pain can attest to, this discomfort can have a serious impact on mood and mental health and Dr. Kimbley helped me tremendously.

Ashley F.

Amazing doctor!

❝Dr. Kimbley is an amazing doctor. He really takes the time to listen and care. He has helped me resolve many conditions and always somehow knows exactly what I need. Dr. Kimbley is an essential part of supporting my healthy lifestyle, and I always leave the office feeling GREAT!

Alyssa P.

My pain has decreased so much!

❝Have had back problems for 40 years. Gone to spine specialist and physical therapy. Dr. Kimbley has given me the most relief ever. My pain has decreased so much. He is awesome and explains everything to you. Wish all doctors were so thorough.

Theresa D.

He understands of my needs as a patient!

❝I have found Dr. Kimbley to be very professional and understanding of my needs as a patient.

Sean M.

Professionalism and excellence!

❝Professionalism and excellence are expressed by Dr. Kimbley in all capacities and regards. He is always available to answer questions and he is always compassionate and understanding. I truly feel that he cares about my, and others, wellbeing.

Eddie V.